When planning a funeral for a loved one there are a lot of things to think about, we are here to help provide and organise as many of these as possible to help take as much stress away from you at what is already a very difficult time.


Flowers may be sent to our premises prior to the funeral. After cremation we are often requested to take suitable flowers to local hospitals or homes for the elderly. There is no charge for this service.

Printed service sheets

When a large congregation is expected at the funeral service there may be a wish to have special service sheets printed, giving the order of service and hymns. We can arrange for the printing of these in consultation with the officiating minister. Please let us know as soon as possible if this service is required.

Acknowledgement cards

We will be pleased to show our sample cards, which can usually be printed within a week, to save the writing of letters.

Newspaper notices

We shall be pleased to help compile obituary notices for both local and national newspapers. Some newspapers will only accept notices from funeral directors or certain agents so it will probably be better for us to arrange all of them. We will also insert acknowledgements when required.


We will gladly receive donations sent for named charities in memory of your loved one and will provide relatives with a full list of donors.

Additional assistance

The Income Support Commission recognises that claimants who wish to make their own private arrangements for the funeral of their husband or wife may be able to obtain help from the Social Fund when they cannot reasonably meet the cost from their own resources or the deceased's estate. In such a case both the deceased and the spouse must have been receiving benefit any other case information should be obtained from the Department of Social Security office.

Insurance policies

Insurance companies should be notified as soon as possible of the death of an insured person. Relatives or executors should confirm that the insurance is in force, Insurance companies will require the following The Policy itself, it copy of the Death Certificate, proof of identity, premium receipt book if applicable.

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Once we have been notified of your wishes everything can be safely left in our care.